direct from plant An eco-label for products which protect the environment without compromising on performance.
solar energy Uses solar energy.
easy on the planet Easy on the Planet - this merchandise comes from our socially responsible entrepreneurship range and meets our strict environmental criteria.
partly recycled material Part of the product is manufactured from recycled materials.
ergonomic The ergonomic products are comfortable and work better for your health.
fully recycled material The product is manufactured from recycled materials.
agency NL This product meets the criteria for socially responsible procurement published by PIANOo for the Dutch government organizations. rechargable energy The product uses and supplies rechargeable energy.
direct from plant These products are delivered to you directly by the manufacturer. For these products, the return procedures vary.
direct from plant These products are ordered specially for you from the supplier and therefore cannot be returned. Different delivery times apply to these items. The delivery time indicated is notional.
direct from plant The “Forest Stewardship Council” certifies products containing wood, originating from responsibly managed forests.
direct from plant The European Eco-Label is a European Union environmental label. Its criteria cover the whole of the working life of services and non-food products.
direct from plant A German eco-label for ecological products and services, in partnership with the European Eco-Label.
direct from plant A sustainable development programme for coffee, cocoa and tea which increases farmers’ productivity, quality and efficiency while respecting people and the environment.
direct from plant An eco-label which is applied to ecological products during the whole of their working life from production until destruction.
direct from plant This label provides information on the environmental impact of consumer goods arising from their production and use, and draws the consumers’ attention to alternative products which respect the environment.
direct from plant A label which contributes to both savings and environmental protection thanks to low energy products and processes.
direct from plant The Rainforest Alliance certification enhances and guarantees improvements in agriculture and forestry.
direct from plant An eco-label for IT products which assures good working conditions in the office.
easy on the planet Products marked with the EasyTree logo are part of our eco-responsible Easy on the Planet range. When you buy these products, trees will be planted in your name.
direct from plant Fair Trade brings products to the market for which a fair price is paid to the producers.